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European Infrastructure for Blockchain Services

With the European Infrastructure for Blockchain Services (EABS) hub, an appropriate test infrastructure for blockchains will be put in place, contributing to more reliable cross-border, national and local services.

The EBSI project will support the upgrade of nodes and the addition of new nodes to the network. This will allow the inclusion of new target groups, the development of additional services, which will be further supported by Early Adopters initiatives. This will also ensure complementarity with the Digital Europe programme. Together with this, it will support the knowledge and skills transfer environment addressed by the establishment of a Blockchain Competence Centre in Slovenia as a complementary measure to the Digital Europe programme.

Building on the EBSI project and upgrading national infrastructures, we will connect and integrate the national blockchain infrastructures of at least three EU Member States and link national infrastructures with EBSI to services in the field of digital identities and other areas.

Slovenian Blockchain Partnership

The Slovenian Blockchain Partnership is being formed to implement the EBSI project as a cross-border and multi-country project and to build on it to ensure consistency with the Digital Europe Programme.