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  • At its regular session, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted a draft act on a lower rate of value added tax on certain types of energy products. By temporarily reducing the VAT rate from 22% to 9.5%, the Government is addressing the impact of energy price increases during the peak energy consumption period, i.e. the heating season. The Government also took note of the partial report on the fire intervention in the Goriška Karst region and instructed the Ministry of Defence to prepare, by the end of August, a legal solution to enable the payment of a special award to volunteers participating in the system of protection, rescue and assistance in the event of large-scale disaster interventions. The Government will also launch a procedure to assess the damage caused by the Karst fire and the possibility of acquiring financial assistance from the EU Solidarity Fund.

    The decisions were presented at a press conference by Minister of Foreign Affairs Tanja Fajon, Minister of Finance Klemen Boštjančič and State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence Damir Črnčec.

  • At the 9th regular session, the Government issued its Decree Determining the Prices of Natural Gas and adopted a further decision regarding risk preparedness in the event of disruptions in the supply of power and natural gas, taking note of the information concerning the problem of the supply of drinking water to the population of Slovenian Istria. It also discussed the general baselines for the preparation of budget documents for the following two years. These will allow the line ministries to draft the financial plans that will form the basis for future coordination and the Government’s priorities in the next two years.

  • On Thursday, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia took note of the 3rd Annual Rule of Law Report of the European Commission and adopted the first measures to mitigate the impact of electricity costs.


  • Decisions from a session of the government committee

    At today’s session of the Government Committee for State Organisation and Public Affairs, the Government became acquainted with the joint report on volunteering in the Republic of Slovenia for 2020. The Government also adopted a report on the implementation of the Strategy for the Development of Non-Governmental Organisations and Volunteering until 2023 for the period from 2018 to the end of 2020. The Government included in the current Plan of Development Programmes of the Republic of Slovenia 2022-2025 the purchase of business premises for the needs of the judicial authorities in Novo Mesto in the total amount of EUR 855,545.

  • 6th regular session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

    At today's session, the government decided to spend over EUR 22 million to support farmers until the autumn sowing, and to purchase this year's entire wheat harvest. It also adopted a draft amendment to the Radiotelevizija Slovenija Act and guidance regarding the preparation of budget documents.

  • Government to adjust financial resources for Recovery and Resilience Plan due to reduced non-repayable financial support

    Based on today's technical adjustment, Slovenia will receive approximately EUR 1.5 billion for the measures envisaged in the Recovery and Resilience Plan. This is EUR 286 million less non-repayable financial support than predicted by the previous Government, which is a new fact that Robert Golob's Government will need to address. The shortfall in non-repayable financial support will have to be promptly dealt with by changing the financial resources envisaged in the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

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