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  • Legislative drafting

    Legislative drafting is about principles, techniques, and approaches of the formation of legal norms from the methodological, structural, and linguistic aspects. Adherence to the rules on legislative drafting in everyday practice is of paramount importance as it ensures a high level of quality and clarity of the laws and regulations.

  • Implementation and application of the acquis in the Republic of Slovenia

    In the notification procedure, we notify to the European Commission the texts of national laws and regulations adopted to ensure the transposition of Directives into the national legal system, and report to the Government on the status of such transposition and possible delays. We also monitor and study the impact of the acquis on the national legislation and address various issues related to the implementation of the acquis and help ministries in preparing a response to the European Commission’s letters of formal notices and reasoned opinions when the latter deems that the Republic of Slovenia has infringed the EU law.

  • Digitalization of legislative process

    By digitalizing the steps in the process of legislative drafting, we facilitate the planning and preparation phase of the legislative process resulting in transparent, clear, and precise draft laws and regulations which are necessary for the decision-making of a high quality.

  • Accessibility of legislation

    We strive to ensure that the legislative procedures run smoothly while allowing the public to monitor and participate in these procedures to the most possible extent.


  • eLegislation


    eLegislation is a concept of a common digital environment that gathers various projects aiming at a comprehensive and systematic digital transformation of the process of planning, drafting, adopting and evaluating legislation in the Republic of Slovenia.