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The Labour Inspectorate exercises supervision in three areas. Within the Labour Relations Inspection Service, the Inspectorate supervises the implementation of laws, regulations, collective agreements and general acts governing employment relationships, salaries and other income deriving from employment relationships, the employment of workers at home and abroad, workers’ participation in management, strikes, and the safety of workers at work, unless otherwise provided by regulations.

Inspection in the area of health and safety at work includes checks of buildings, premises and workplaces, working conditions on premises and worksites, the adequacy of equipment, machinery and tools, personal protective equipment, whether medical examinations are carried out, microclimatic conditions, etc. The Social Affairs Inspection Service is responsible for inspection of the work of public social protection institutions, concessionaires, and legal and natural persons that provide social assistance services and are entered in the register of natural and legal persons providing social assistance services, and verifies the scope of the public service network that falls within a municipality’s responsibility and approvals to prices of services granted by the competent municipal authority.


Organisational units