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The Employment Relationships Inspection Service heads and organises inspection work, is responsible for inspection of labour relations, and prepares the most complex materials, records and reports on the work of the Inspection Service and the Inspectorate. It designs complex systemic solutions and participates in drawing up legislative texts and implementing regulations governing the inspection of labour relations and employment, the participation of workers in management, strikes, and procedures for the assessment and verification of professional qualifications.

It draws up programmes of work and prepares other materials for the work of the Inspection Service and the Inspectorate. It prepares instructions for the carrying out of coordinated, targeted inspections and other types of inspections. It monitors and directs the work of the Inspection Service in regional units. It ensures that inspections are conducted in a uniform way and coordinates work. It provides expert assistance to inspectors in carrying out inspections, with a special emphasis on the interpretation of rules laying down inspectors’ procedural powers. It is responsible for the supervision of inspectors’ work in internal organisational units. It participates in project groups, coordination groups and other forms of cooperation between inspection services, inspectorates and other authorities. It provides training and education for employees and opportunities for professional development. Its responsibilities include the preparation of bases and documents for cooperation with international organisations and authorities operating in the same field as the Inspection Service. The Inspection Service participates in the most complex projects and performs other tasks related to the work of the Inspectorate.