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The International Affairs Division is tasked with activities relating to veterinary medicine, plant protection and food safety at all levels of international cooperation – within the European Union and in bilateral, regional and multilateral cooperation.

 The Division provides support for the development of divisions, in particular:

  • to ensure smooth transport and trade in animals, plants, plant and animal products, and feed, both in the EU’s common market and in international trade;
  • to take part in the adoption of sectoral legislation;
  • to ensure traceability of consignments and, consequently, to provide protection against the transmission of human or animal diseases and harmful plant organisms;
  • to produce appropriate documentation for trading in animals, plants, plant and animal products and their export;
  • to raise awareness among stakeholders (industry associations) of new conditions for trading, imports and exports;
  • to communicate with competent authorities in third countries in order to harmonise conditions for the export of animals, plants, plant and animal products;
  • to inform and raise awareness among stakeholders of new conditions for the import of animals, plants, and plant and animal products;
  • to provide access of the economy to third markets for commodities of plant and animal origin.