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Consular information of the Embassy Zagreb

The consular section of a diplomatic mission or consular post provides protection and assistance to citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and certain services to foreign nationals.

Basic information

To whom can the Embassy provide assistance? 

  • Slovenian citizens;
  • Persons of Slovenian origin;
  • Citizens of EU Member States, if they have no diplomatic mission or consulate in a receiving country (in accordance with Article 20 of the Treaty establishing the European Community).

What can the Embassy do for you?

  • Issue an emergency travel document for a return to Slovenia;
  • Assist in obtaining funds for a return to Slovenia;
  • Establish contact with you, if you have been taken into custody or imprisoned, if you so wish, and with your consent inform your family or friends of your situation;
  • Send notification to family or friends in case of emergency or death
  • Assist in establishing contact with lawyers, translators, and health and funeral services (It should be pointed out that the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy accept no responsibility for the expertise of such service providers.);
  • Assist in handling administrative affairs in the Republic of Slovenia;
  • Assist in settling probate cases;
  • Certify signatures, translations, certificates;
  • Assist in obtaining digital certificates for natural and legal entities.

What the Embassy cannot do for you?

  • Obtain release from custody or prison;
  • Pay bail, represent you in court or investigate crimes;
  • Prevent the local authorities from deporting you to the Republic of Slovenia after a prison sentence;
  • Get you better or quicker treatment in hospital or in prison;
  • Pay any expenses for treatment, accommodation, legal or other services;
  • Help you enter a country;
  • Obtain a letter of recommendation on your behalf or other certificate for the purpose of obtaining visas;
  • Book a hotel or other accommodation;
  • Get you a work or residence permit.

Consular days

The Embassy when needed organises consular days at outside locations. Consular days are primarily intended for Slovenian citizens and foreigners of Slovenian origin. Anyone with questions in the area of consular affairs can attend, if they wish to submit applications for entry into central register (birth, marriage, death), change of permanent/temporary residence, submit an application for the establishment of citizenship, acquisition of citizenship, certify documents, etc.

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