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Slovenia's candidature for UN Security Council membership in the 2024–2025 period

Slovenia is actively addressing the challenges related to international peace and security within the UN and is running for non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council for the 2024–2025 period.


The United Nations was founded in 1945 with the noble aim of preventing war and human suffering while fully respecting the rights of, and ensuring development for, everyone. Today, it is a key international organisation, offering space for dialogue and cooperation to its 193 Member States.

Slovenia became a member of the United Nations 30 years ago, in May 1992, thereby consolidating its independence, sovereignty and equality in the international community. The objectives and principles set out in the Charter of the United Nations are also our own and provide the basis for Slovenia’s foreign policy. We are proud of the reputation we have created over three decades – we have travelled the path from a newly accepted member seeking its own place in international processes all the way to a country known for its efforts and initiatives in many areas addressed by the United Nations. Slovenia is a credible, responsible and active member of the United Nations. 

In recent years, Slovenia has become visible especially in the fields of human rights, international law, the environment, sustainable water management, food security and general health. We are at the forefront in the domestic implementation of the Agenda 2030 and we consider a post-pandemic recovery and delivering climate objectives as an opportunity to invest in the SDGs even further – to build back better and greener.

With its work within the UN so far, Slovenia has shown that it can make a vital contribution to building trust among the Member States, which is crucial for ensuring a secure future of this planet during times of complex and multifaceted challenges.

Slovenia has decided to upgrade its activities within the scope of the United Nations with its candidature for non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council. Under the slogan “Building Trust. Securing Future.”, Slovenia hopes to fulfil its commitment to act as a positive force promoting partnership between nations within the scope of effective multilateral cooperation.

As a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, Slovenia would like to contribute its share and assume responsibility for maintaining international peace and security, respect for human rights and international law, and for ensuring sustainable and inclusive development. Our guiding principles will be to act as a fair player and honest broker (“building trust”), to improve the effectiveness of the Security Council, and to successfully address contemporary challenges together (“securing future”). In short, there is no lack of work to be done.

Dr Anže Logar
Minister of Foreign Affairs