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Plečnik Year 2022

Inscription Jože Plečnik 150 Let / Years on a brown background with white letters and numbers
To mark the 150th anniversary of birth of architect Jože Plečnik, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia declared 2022 the Year of Jože Plečnik. The recent inscription of selected works by Plečnik in Ljubljana on the UNESCO World Heritage List represents a valuable international recognition for the protection and appreciation of architectural heritage important for humanity as a whole and at the same time a commitment to protect it even more diligently and to integrate it into contemporary life.

With his exceptional work, Plečnik left a mark on not only on the architectural landscape of Slovenia and the capital of Ljubljana, but also Vienna, Prague and Belgrade. In the process of transforming Ljubljana into Slovenia’s capital, he integrated the natural, architectural, historical and intangible qualities of the space into a series of public spaces (squares, parks, streets, promenades and bridges) and public buildings (a library, churches, markets and a cemetery complex), which now invite residents and visitors to reflect and participate in dialogue.

His religious buildings, memorial architecture and urban planning have enriched the Slovenian landscape all the way from Prekmurje (Bogojina, Grad), the Štajerska, Koroška (Črna na Koroškem) and Gorenjska (Kamnik, Kranj) regions, to Posočje (Ponikve, Srpenica) and the Vipava Valley. He used the local materials thoughtfully, combining them with new ones.

Plečnik’s works gained international recognition with their presentation at the exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in 1986 (curated by architect Boris Podrecca), which was followed by numerous exhibitions, books and publications of articles in professional journals. His comprehensive approach to design of buildings and public spaces tailored to people remains an important inspiration for contemporary architectural production.

Since 1956 UNESCO participates in the commemorations of historical events and anniversaries of birth of eminent personalities. These events are celebrated by Member States, while cooperation with UNESCO gives them a global significance. This helps the public around the world becomes better acquainted with personalities, works or events that have made an important contribution to the mutual enrichment of cultures, fostered understanding and peace among nations, and forged closer relationships between peoples.

Slovenia is joining the initiative by proposing the 150th anniversary of birth of the architect Jože Plečnik and the 250th anniversary of construction of the Idrija Klavže water barriers. This year, the commemorative logos of cooperation with UNESCO will mark numerous events related to the heritage of mercury mining in Idrija and the works of Jože Plečnik in Ljubljana. Together with Almadén, Idrija is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its inscription on the World Heritage List, and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia has declared 2022 as Plečnik Year.

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Logo marking the occasion

At the initiative of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana and the Plečnik House, designer Bojan Lazarević, who is also the author of the graphic design of the Plečnik House, has made the celebration of the Year of Jože Plečnik visually distinctive. He designed a multi-layered logo of the jubilee year, which we, in cooperation with all the stakeholders, made available to those preparing programmes dedicated to Plečnik and his architecture in 2022.

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