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Life and works of Jože Plečnik (1972–1957)

Portrait of Jože Plečnik on a blue background with his signature

Jože Plečnik (1972–1957) | Author Muzej za arhitekturo in oblikovanje


  • 1872
    born on 23 January in Ljubljana, to father Andrej Plecnik and mother Helena Molka
  • 1878–1882
    attends elementary school in Ljubljana
  • 1885–1888
    works as carpenter’s apprentice in his father’s workshop
  • 1888–1892
    attends trade school in Graz
  • 1892–1894
    employed as furniture designer for an interior design company J.W. Müller, Vienna, A
  • 1894
    Otto Wagner offers him a place in his studio
  • 1895–1989
    studies with Otto Wagner at the Vienna Academy of Arts
  • 1897
    first prize (with O. Schimkovitz) in the competition for the Gutenberg Monument in Vienna
  • 1898–1899
    his degree thesis earns him a scholarship and he travels in Italy and France
  • 1899
    works again at Otto Wagner’s studio
  • 1900
    wins the competition for Zacherl House in Vienna
  • 1900–1911
    works as a freelance architect in Vienna
  • 1901–1909
    member of the Vienna Secession
  • 1904
    gold medal for the Salon of the Austrian Section on the World exhibition in St. Louis
  • 1911–1920
    has a teaching position at the School of Arts and Crafts in Prague
  • 1912–1913
    Plecnik is nominated as Wagner’s successor at the academy in Vienna three times
    in a row, but the heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand does not confi rm this nomination
  • 1920
    appointed for the architect in charge of the renovation of Prague Castle
  • 1920–1957
    works as a teacher for architectural drawing and composition at the University Ljubljana’s Faculty of Engineering
  • 1925
    member of Masary’s Academy of Work
  • 1938
    elected full member of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • 1939
    honorary Citizen of Ljubljana
  • 1949
    distinguished with the Prešeren Prize for Culture
  • 1952
    recipient of Prešern Award for the second time
    Plecnik is awarded honorary doctorate by the University in Ljubljana and by the Technical High School in Vienna
  • 1954
    Plecnik is appointed honorary member of the Royal Institute of British Architects R.I.B.A.
  • 1957
    Plecnik dies on 7 January in Ljubljana

Most important works

  • 1900–1901
    Langer Villa in Vienna, A
  • 1900–1905
    Zacherl House, Vienna, A
  • 1906–1909
    Karl Borromäus Fountain in Vienna, A
  • 1908–1913
    Holy Spirit Church, Vienna, A
  • 1920
    redesign the Garden on the Ramfascicles in the Prague castle, CZ
  • 1920–1926
    ground plan for the Paradise Garden, Prague Castle, CZ
    ground plan for the First Courtyard, Prague Castle, CZ
  • 1920–1931
    Plecnik Hall in the Prague castle, CZ
  • 1921–1927
    Presidential apartment, Prague Castle, CZ
  • 1921–1930
    Plecnik House in Trnovo, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1921–1932
    Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord at Vinohrady, Prague, CZ
  • 1923–1939
    Stadium in Ljubljana, SI
  • 1924–1927
    Church of the Ascension, Bogojina, SI
  • 1924–1931
    Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Šiška, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1925–1927
    Chamber of Commerce, Crafts and Industry, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1925–1939
    Church of St. Michael on Barje Marshlands, Crna vas pri Ljubljani, SI
  • 1926–1932
    Regulation of Congress Square in Ljubljana, SI
  • 1926–1938
    landscaping of St. James’s Square (Levstik Square), Ljubljana, SI
    landscaping of Roman Wall, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1927
    Regulation of Zois street in Ljubljana, SI
  • 1928–1930
    The Mutual Insurance Building, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1928–1932
    Trnovo Bridge, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1928–1940
    Regulation of Star Parkin Ljubljana, SI
  • 1929
    Illyrian Provinces Monument (Napoleon’s Column), Ljubljana, SI
  • 1929–1932
    Triple Bridge, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1929–1933
    The Jakopic Promenade and the Tivoli Park, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1929–1936
    Church of St. Anton of Padua, Belgrade, SCG
  • 1929–1942
    landscaping of Vegova Street, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1930–1936
    landscaping of Trnovski pristan area, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1930–1941
    National and University Library, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1931–1932
    Cobbler’s Bridge, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1931–1933
    adaptation and interior design of Villa Prelovšek, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1932–1933
    Gerber Staircase on Hribar Embankment, Ljubljana, SI
    Royal hunting lodge, Kamniška Bistrica, SI
  • 1932–1934
    the exterior of the Church of St. Florian at Upper Square, Ljubljana, SI
    "Peglezen", the Flat Iron building at Poljanska Road, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1933–1945
    Sluice gate on the Ljubljanica, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1936–1937
    Monument to the poet Simon Gregorcic, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1937–1939
    Murke pavilions, Begunje na Gorenjskem, SI
  • 1937–1940
    Žale Cemetery (All Saints Garden), Ljubljana, SI
  • 1939–1942
    Main Market, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1939–1947
    Ursuline High School at Šubiceva Street, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1952–1956
    Križanke, Ljubljana, SI
  • 1955–1956
    Garden Pavilion on the Brioni Island, CRO