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The application for co-funding the projects can only be submitted as an application for relevant European Commission calls for proposals.

The full call documentation is published on the website of the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA). The calls specify the types of projects eligible for co-funding. They are published separately for multi-annual programmes (usually for complex projects) and annual programmes (non-complex short-term projects). Given the short deadlines for the submission of applications, it is essential that applicants become familiar with the details of the call for proposals at an early stage.

Project assessment and selection

The assessment of proposals is carried out by INEA with the support of independent experts. When the European Commission officially approves the list of proposals recommended for funding, INEA invites the successful applicants to draft and sign donation agreements. INEA works closely with funding recipients in the technical and financial implementation of their projects.

More information is available with the publication of each call for proposals.