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  • SiLNGT


    The project introduces new technologies and innovations in modes of transportation with a focus on decarbonisation and safety. For this purpose, two model liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling stations will be built in Slovenia.

  • NEXT-E


    The main purpose of the project is to speed up the introduction of multi-purpose charging infrastructure for electric vehicles with a focus on long-distance travel. The project will encompass the development of a pilot network of 222 multi-standard fast and 30 ultra-fast chargers on four corridors of the TEN-T core network. The project will contribute to the development of the electric vehicle market in Cohesion Member States.



    The aim of the project is to facilitate e-mobility, intermodal transport and green transport services in city centres and to ensure network connectivity and standardisation, thereby achieving the aim of reducing CO2 emissions. The pilot deployment study is implemented in the Core Urban Nodes of Bratislava, Zagreb and Ljubljana.



    As part of the project, the beneficiaries will provide several solutions for clean transport based on alternative fuels and a number of sustainable transport services. It will involve the establishment of a network of compressed natural gas filling stations, a network of EV high-power chargers and city and regional bus connections.

  • cHAMeleon


    The general aim of the project is to study the market of liquefied natural gas (LNG) freight transport in the Mediterranean Corridor (Barcelona-Ljubljana) to enable the quick deployment of natural gas as an alternative clean fuel. The project also studies the filling of watercraft with LNG in the Port of Barcelona.