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Metrology is the science of measurement. It involves a uniform understanding and use of units of measurement to connect the activities of people around the world. Metrology deals with the definitions of units of measurement, their use in practice and the traceability of measurements, through which the use of units is transferred to users in an organised manner. It is therefore one of the most basic conditions for production, trade and the functioning of society in general.

In Slovenia we develop and maintain a metrological system that promotes and ensures development for technological and competitive breakthroughs of the Slovenian economy and science. Our mission is to provide top-level metrological support to legislation, innovation and the competitiveness of the economy, to guarantee the safety and health of citizens, quality of life and environmental protection, and consumer protection.

National metrology system

The national metrology system supports the Slovenian economy and enables competitiveness on the global market, as accurate measurements help reduce production costs. This means fewer complaints, less waste, better product quality and better design, promotes innovation, enables energy savings, ensures compliance with legislative requirements and more.

With the metrology system, we provide reliable measurements in the field of healthcare and technological safety, environmental protection and healthy food.

Metrology strategy

The metrology strategy in the Republic of Slovenia up to 2025 represents the decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for a long-term plan of activities in all measurement areas, which will ensure optimal metrological development in Slovenia. The most important strategic orientation in the development of the national measurement system is to provide metrological support for the technological breakthrough of the Slovenian economy and to enable it to increase its competitiveness on both the national and global markets.

The strategy covers the entire spectrum of metrological activities and focuses in particular on the implementation of tasks in the competence of the State.