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State Secretary Štucin: Dialogue is crucial for stability and progress in Bosnia and Herzegovina

State Secretary Marko Štucin participated in the UN Security Council debate on Bosnia and Herzegovina, during which the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt, presented the latest report on the situation in the country. In his intervention, the State Secretary underlined the importance of respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina and reiterated that the country’s future lies in the EU.
državni sekretar govori, v ozadju slovenska delegacija

State Secretary Marko Štucin in UN Security Council | Author UN Photo/Loey Felipe

In his remarks, State Secretary Štucin noted that this was the second debate on the country in a very short time and recalled the strong support among the Security Council member states for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this context, he insisted on the importance of regional cooperation in fostering reconciliation: “Bosnia and Herzegovina and the entire Western Balkans region should overcome the challenges that threaten the progress made towards reconciliation and lasting peace in the region.”

State Secretary Štucin also stressed that the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the EU. “Not only because the EU would want so, but most importantly, because the majority of citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina of all ethnic groups so desire. The opening of the EU accession talks provides a strong incentive for necessary reforms that would allow all people, especially the youth, to envision a prosperous future within their country,” said Štucin, welcoming the reforms and progress made by BiH in recent months.

Slovenia sees BiH’s accession to the EU as an opportunity to bridge divides and promote long-term stability, peace, and development – not only for Bosnia and Herzegovina – but for the entire Western Balkans region. For this reason, the State Secretary concluded his remarks at the UN Palace by calling for dialogue, which is crucial for the stability and progress in BiH.