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Permanent Mission to the United Nations New York

  • State Secretary Marko Štucin participated in the UN Security Council debate on Bosnia and Herzegovina, during which the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt, presented the latest report on the situation in the country. In his intervention, the State Secretary underlined the importance of respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina and reiterated that the country’s future lies in the EU.

  • In April, when Malta held the presidency of the UN Security Council, the focus was on the situation in Gaza and on emergency meetings following the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus and Iran's attack on Israel. An event was organised on the role of youth in addressing security challenges in the Mediterranean, an open debate on the Middle East and a vote on a resolution on Palestinian membership.

  • Slovenia is concluding its third month in the Security Council. During the presidency of Japan, the month was marked by the adoption of a resolution on Gaza, showcasing the leading role of the 10 elected members in peace efforts. Japan organized open debates on the working methods of the UN Security Council and the role of women in conflict prevention.