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Minister Fajon: The Green Transition also brings opportunities for Slovenian companies

In the run-up to the 20th anniversary of Slovenia's membership of the European Union, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs organised the first debate entitled "Made in Europe, Made in Slovenia" on the future of industry in the context of green transition. In her opening address, Minister Tanja Fajon recalled that, in addition to the benefits of the membership, EU Member States also share some challenges, such as climate change and the green transition.

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"The pursuit of the green transition and climate goals can be seen from different perspectives: on the one hand, as an additional burden on European companies and a reduction in their competitiveness; on the other hand, this as an opportunity for the EU, and by extension Slovenia, to become a frontrunner in advanced green technologies and at the same time reduce its dependence on energy imports," said Minister Tanja Fajon in her opening address.

In the ensuing panel discussion Minister Fajon was joined by the State Secretary of the Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport, Matevž Frangež, and representatives of the business sector: Dr Uroš Merc from Bisol Group, Tanja Skaza from Plastika Skaza, Dr Iztok Seljak from Hidria and Marko Drobnič from Talum. The debate was moderated by Peter Frankl, Editor-in-Chief of Finance business daily.

The panellists agreed that the green transition brings many opportunities, but also challenges that will need to addressed in Europe, especially in the current demanding (global) circumstances. Europe is considered a world leader when it comes to its approach to sustainability and sustainable living - from an economic, social and environmental point of view. The industry representatives also stressed the importance of ensuring a level playing field with third countries and the importance of business-to-business networking.

"There is a growing awareness that the transition to a carbon-free society is a necessity. This year's floods were a painful illustration of what climate change can cause in terms of damage and costs for business," said Minister Tanja Fajon.

State Secretary Matevž Frangež said that the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport is working on a new Slovenian economic vision "to become a new European hub for innovation in advanced technologies".

The green transition may therefore also bring opportunities, but it will not be an easy task for many industries. "When we talk about a fair green transition, we must also make sure not to leave anyone behind," said Minister Fajon.

Today's debate was the first in a series of consultations with the interested public on key challenges facing the European Union and, by extension, Slovenia. The next roundtable organised by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs is scheduled for the end of November.

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