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Only organised visits to flood-affected areas on Solidarity Day

Tomorrow, on 14 August 2023, which has been declared Solidarity Day, all of the country's critical infrastructure will be operational, covering the energy, transport, food, drinking water supply, health, finance, environmental protection and information and communication network sectors.
Poplave 2023 internet app.

Poplave 2023 internet app. | Author spletna stran

In line with the special decree, public health institutions and concessionaires in public health institutions, social work centres, veterinary clinics and insurance companies will work normally, said Petra Bezjak Cirman, Director of the Government Communication Office, in a press release.

Tomorrow, on 14 August, the administrative units will also be open so that anyone who has lost their identity documents in the floods will be able to order new ones as soon as possible. In order to avoid any delay in the delivery of personal documents, Pošta Slovenije will collect these items from Cetis, their manufacturer, and deliver them to the addressees by 16 August 2023. Shops selling groceries, technical goods and baby equipment may also be open tomorrow, but it is up to individual traders to decide about their opening.

Petra Bezjak Cirman further stressed that employees who would work on Solidarity Day were entitled to an allowance for work during less favourable working hours, i.e. allowance for work on holidays and other work-free days, which is 120% of salary for public sector employees. Employees not working because of the public holiday are entitled to a compensation of 100% of their salary.

She said that in the last week, Slovenians have shown that we can come together, show solidarity and come to the aid immediately. As there are already enough people to help in some places, we can also show our solidarity by making financial donations. This week, the Government opened a special transaction account of the national budget to collect funds earmarked exclusively for flood relief. Legal and natural persons carrying out business activities will be able to claim an additional tax relief for the full amount of the donation. The tax relief will apply to all donations made by 31 December 2023.

Civil Protection Commander Srečko Šestan expressed his sincere gratitude to all Slovenia’s residents offering any form of help to those affected in the flooded areas. In particular, he thanked people for respecting the rules on access to the restricted areas issued by an order.

He urged all volunteers going into the field tomorrow to register via the Poplave 2023 app, which has been set up by the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief and is operational.

The Civil Protection Commander warned that all volunteers should come properly equipped, wear protective clothing, rubber boots or at least hiking boots and stronger gloves, and bring masks and disinfectants, as infectious agents are already present in the materials in the affected areas. Volunteers should also remember to bring their own food and drink tomorrow, at the very least a sandwich and water, so as not to burden already hard-pressed local communities by organising meals for volunteers.

In conclusion, Civil Protection Commander Srečko Šestan repeated his advice to individuals or groups to go to the affected areas only in an organised manner, and thanked everyone again for their help.