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Activities of Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs in response to devastating floods

Last night, several parts of Slovenia were hit by severe storms with extreme rainfall, causing multiple landslides, heavy floods and damage to transport infrastructure.

In accordance with the National Flood Protection and Rescue Plan, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs promptly informed foreign diplomatic missions and consular posts of the plan’s activation and the current situation that may impact the safety of foreign nationals staying in the Republic of Slovenia. The ministry asked the diplomatic missions and consular posts to use their channels to keep their nationals up to date.

Foreign nationals currently staying in the Republic of Slovenia are asked to immediately leave the areas at risk, especially around rivers and other water bodies. Anyone planning to travel to Slovenia in the following days should regularly check the situation in the country and in traffic as it may worsen very quickly.

The National Flood Protection and Rescue Plan tasks the ministry with contacting foreign governments and international organisations to inform them of the ongoing situation, the consequences of the disaster, and any measures related to international assistance. To this end, Minister Fajon spoke to European Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarčič this morning about options for EU assistance in repairing flood damage that continues to accumulate. As soon as Slovenia’s competent bodies file a request, the EU will activate its Civil Protection Mechanism. Minister Fajon has also reached out to the Spanish foreign minister and current president of the Council of the EU, José Manuel Albares. He offered assistance, should Slovenia decide to request it.

Minister Fajon also spoke to the Austrian foreign minister, Alexander Schallenberg. They discussed the releasing of water from artificial lakes on the River Drava, which may further raise water levels in Slovenia. Minister Schallenberg has inquired about the situation at the sluice gates, which so far seems to be under control. He is also considering options to assist Slovenia should it request aid through the EU mechanism. On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia in Klagenfurt asked the federal province of Carinthia for help. They requested that the hospital in Klagenfurt admit any residents of the affected Slovenian areas bordering Austria who may need medical assistance.