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Government adopted new amendment to stabilise healthcare system

On the basis of the implementation of temporary measures referred to in Article 15 of the Act on Emergency Measures to Ensure the Stability of the Healthcare System (ZNUZSZS) and based on analyses conducted, data were obtained on the utilization and responsiveness of the healthcare system to measures which require immediate state intervention in order to adjust the established Act.

By virtue of the amendment proposed, Article 15 of ZNUZSZS has been changed; it continues to allow payment for healthcare services after their performance, however, for selected healthcare services only. On the basis of data provided by the National Institute of Public Health and upon the proposal of a selection of healthcare services, which will be prepared by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, these services will be determined by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

The draft amending Act explicitly states that the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia shall submit the proposed selection of healthcare services to the Minister of Health. The Minister of Health may also seek the opinion of the Health Council, which is the highest consultative body of the Minister of Health in the field of healthcare activities, healthcare provision, and health insurance. The proposed measure aims to reshape and direct the focus toward specific healthcare services where waiting times are the longest and the health benefit is the greatest, thereby adapting to the actual conditions in the healthcare system.

Other key changes include, as follows:

  • the exclusion of a second phase of the measure which involves private practitioners,
  • due to the modified selection of healthcare services, the reporting period to the competent Committee on Health of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia has been adjusted,
  • the reintroduction of a distinction between regular program services and services beyond the regular program,
  • the requirement for healthcare providers who wish to participate in the implementation of this measure to have open appointment slots in the eNaročanje system, which patients can book through the zVEM portal.

Due to the potential significant consequences for the functioning of the state and the healthcare budget, the Act is being processed under an expedited procedure.

Source: Ministry of Health