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Government decisions at sessions of government committees

At today's meeting of the Government Committee on State Organisation and Public Affairs, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the text of the amendments to the proposed Act Amending the Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions Act (ZIKS-1H) submitted to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia by a group deputies headed by Danijel Krivec and forwarded the amendments to the National Assembly.

On 24 June 2022, the Government submitted an opinion to the National Assembly that did not oppose the proposed Act, as it contains solutions that the prison system needs to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus and provides a certain basis for the further computerisation of criminal records.

Based on comments from the Legislative and Legal Service of the National Assembly and the discussion at the meeting of the Committee on Justice on 15 September 2022, the Government proposes two amendments aimed at improving the proposed legal text in terms of ensuring greater clarity and certainty.

Tackling the shortage of space of the Novo mesto School Centre

At the Committee meeting, the Government decided to include the project “Addition and extension of classrooms at the Novo mesto School Centre” in the current Development Programme Plan for the period 2022-2025. It will provide the Novo mesto School Centre with new premises for its educational activities.

The increased enrolment of students at the Novo mesto School Centre and the resulting shortage of space aggravate the implementation of educational programmes and workflow. The purpose of the investment is to resolve this issue. With the two new buildings, the Novo mesto School Centre will gain a total of 11 standard classrooms, two smaller classrooms for teaching in split and sub-normative sections, and 16 workplaces in 6 study rooms. Investment documentation has been drawn up for the project and construction work has been greenlighted.

Total estimated project value amounts to slightly over EUR 2 million. The funding of just over EUR 1.6 million will be provided by the Novo mesto School Centre and EUR 400,000 by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

Pilon Gallery – arrangement of depots and Rustja House project included in the Development Programme Plan 2022–2025

At the Committee meeting, the Government, following a proposal from the Ministry of Culture, included the Pilon Gallery – arrangement of depots and Rustja House project in the current Development Programme Plan 2022-2025. The project was selected based on the Open call for proposals for the co-financing of urgent cultural programmes for 2022 published by the Ministry of Culture on 10 December 2021.

The main purpose of the project is to provide the basic spatial conditions for the operation and expansion of the Pilon Gallery’s activities in Ajdovščina, thus improving the conditions for the development of the cultural and artistic creativity of the public institution. The Pilon Gallery will receive additional gallery and depot space on the first floor and in the attic of the Rustja House. The renovation of the entire Rustja House will also contribute to the revitalisation of Ajdovščina's old town centre.

The estimated value of the total investment for the project Pilon Gallery – arrangement s of depots and Rustja House is EUR 1,016,054.66 (VAT included), of which the Ministry of Culture will provide EUR 186,075.11.

In the current Development Programme Plan 2022-2025, the baseline value of the project – Construction of a new accommodation unit at the occupational activity centre (OAC) SAŠA, Velenje Unit – has been changed

Adverse conditions on the construction services market in 2022 because of the epidemiological situation and the current security situation, which is beyond the control of the investor, have led to significant price increases for both materials and services in the last six months. In the course of the works, it was also established that the changed conditions related to the fire safety study necessitated even further works, and the structure of the funding sources changed. This has led to an amendment of the investment programme.  The investment’s estimated value according to the amended investment programme is EUR 1,618,912.40 including VAT.

The investment, which will be completed in 2022, will provide the necessary additional capacities in terms of care for the needs of disabled adults and mental and physical development disorders, will improve the existing minimum technical standards for OAC day services, and will enable long-lasting and high-quality provision of institutional care service for the users of the OAC day service with the greatest need.

Government expands the range of military projects in the current Development Programme Plan

At the Committee session, the Government also adopted a decision to include three new projects in the current Development Programme Plan 2022-2025. The Ministry of Defence proposed the inclusion of these projects in the plan, namely for the Edvard Peperko Barracks (EPB) projects – Construction of Military Vehicle Garage Facilities, Major Maintenance of Infrastructure and Major Maintenance of Materiel of Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF).

In accordance with the EPB project – Construction of Military Vehicle Garage Facilities, the initial value of which is EUR 12.2 million including value added tax, the investor will construct three facilities for garaging military armoured and tactical cargo vehicles of the 10th infantry regiment and the medium battalion combat group at the Edvard Peperko Barracks in Ljubljana. This will ensure adequate technical conditions for garaging military armoured wheeled vehicles to ensure their operational reliability and preserve the service life of the weapons systems, while reducing the maintenance costs of military vehicles.

The main objective of all components of the military infrastructure major maintenance project is to maintain the facilities’ utility and functionality, and thus the smooth operation of the SAF units. The baseline value of this project, which concerns military infrastructure throughout the country, is EUR 972,000 including value added tax.

The Major maintenance of materiel of Slovenian Armed Forces project concerns software and hardware, communications, and electronic warfare systems, firing ranges and fuel trucks. The objectives of major maintenance of materiel are to ensure the technical integrity of the materiel for the operations of the Slovenian Armed Forces, to provide adequate and safe working conditions and to ensure the quality of training in the Slovenian Armed Forces. The baseline value of this project is EUR 7.7 million including value added tax.

Funding for the new programme projects will be provided within the financial plan of the Ministry of Defence.