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Logar: Let's behave responsibly towards ourselves and others

The head of the advisory group at the Ministry for Health, Mateja Logar, took part in the press conference on COVID 19.

Head of the advisory group at the Ministry for Health, Mateja Logar | Author Ukom

Current epidemiological situation in Slovenian hospitals

A total of 1,857 PCR tests were carried out yesterday, confirming 775 new infections. The proportion of positive tests was 41%. The 2,986 PCR tests carried out on Saturday confirmed 1,116 new infections, making the proportion of positive tests on Saturday 37.4%. A total of 1,050 COVID‑19 patients are hospitalised, of which 268 are in intensive care units. Over the weekend, 71 COVID‑19 patients were discharged from hospitals and 29 people died – 16 on Sunday and 13 on Saturday.

Logar: We need to respect the measures, as the intensive care units are still under significant pressure

The head of the advisory group at the Ministry for Health, Mateja Logar, said that despite the downward trend in COVID‑19 cases, the situation in the intensive care units had not yet stabilised. According to Ms Logar, patients in the intensive care units require care 24/7 and would have died within a few days, had they not been admitted to intensive care. She added that the intensive care unit at the Ljubljana University Medical Centre could reach its full capacity as early as tomorrow, so we cannot afford a new increase in the number of COVID‑19 cases.

"We hope that the downward trend in COVID‑19 cases continues. The adopted measured must be respected. They are well‑intentioned, as they allow for a fairly normal life in Slovenia and ensure the accessibility of health service," said Ms Logar, adding that in Slovenia, hospital treatment is currently only provided to persons with an emergency referral. Ms Logar warned of indirect victims – non‑COVID‑19‑patients who may not receive care in time.

Ms Logar called on the public to comply with the recovered/vaccinated/tested rule, wear masks (indoors and outdoors where a distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained), behave responsibly and to strictly adhere to all other measures. "Slovenia still has one of the worst epidemiological situations in Europe, so look after yourselves and others," said Ms Logar. In anticipation of the festive season, she called for responsible behaviour during gatherings: "Get tested before meeting with family, make sure rooms are ventilated and hands are sanitised at all times. However, the best protection against COVID‑19 is still vaccination." Ms Logar said that the recommendations for vaccinating children under 12 years of age should be known after 13 December, when the meeting of the National Advisory Committee on Immunisation is to take place. She highlighted that Slovenian paediatricians recommend the COVID‑19 vaccine.