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Minister Koritnik: I regret the Constitutional Court’s decision, but I will respect it

The press conference on the current situation regarding COVID-19 was attended by the Minister of Public Administration, Boštjan Koritnik.

Minister Koritnik responded to today’s decision of the Constitutional Court which suspended the implementation of Article 10a of the Ordinance on the method of meeting the recovered/vaccinated/tested rule to contain the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The minister regrets the Constitutional Court’s decision, but will respect it. The recovered/vaccinated rule for public administration will therefore not yet enter into force tomorrow, 1 October.

He pointed out that today’s decision was merely a temporary suspension, not an abrogation. The minister emphasised that the relevant ordinance did not introduce mandatory vaccination. Its purpose was to ensure a safer working environment in spaces for which the government is directly responsible.

The minister also expressed his sympathy after the tragic death of a young woman and extended his condolences to her family. He also condemned yesterday’s protests, which he believed to be a form of populism that was extremely dangerous to public health and a stunt to score cheap political points.

According to the minister, Slovenia is currently in a difficult situation as regards COVID-19 and overcoming this problem should be everyone’s fight. In his opinion, it is time to have a serious conversation on how to move forward. He still believes that we are capable of achieving vaccination coverage that will enable us to lift the unpopular measures and return to a more normal life.