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The Government adopts an updated National COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy

At today’s correspondence session, the Government adopted the second version of the National COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy. The strategy was updated due to new circumstances relating to the course of vaccination. Priority vaccination groups were defined anew or in more detail in the strategy, including certain new vaccination locations. Furthermore, the possibility of storing vaccines, currently waiting on the completion of the registration procedure at the European Medicines Agency (EMA), was also defined.
Government plans to set up 61 vaccination centres

Government plans to set up 61 vaccination centres | Author Pixabay

The fundamental objective of the strategy is to reduce mortality due to COVID-19, improve citizens’ health by preventing the severe course of the coronavirus disease in individuals, unburden the health system, kick-start the economy and restore education, transport, cultural and social life, and other activities which were restricted due to the crisis. It is thus mandatory to first vaccinate those population groups who are at the highest risk of a severe course of the disease and death due to COVID-19 and then achieve the highest possible vaccination coverage of at least 60 per cent (1,200,000 citizens) as soon as possible.

Minister of Health Janez Poklukar will present the strategy in more detail at the press conference tomorrow. Following the press conference, the strategy will be published on the website of the Ministry of Health.

Source: Ministry of Health

Programme for promoting an economic base for the Italian national community in the 20212024 period

The Government adopted the Programme for promoting an economic base for the Italian national community in the 2021–2024 period in the anticipated amount of EUR 1.4 million. Pursuant to Article 14 of the Promotion of Balanced Regional Development Act, financial incentives for generating an economic base for the Italian national community are allocated from the state budget on the basis of the programme for promoting an economic base for autochthonous national communities. The programme was drafted for the programming period by the Coastal Italian Self-Governing National Community in cooperation with the regional development agency, the Government Office for National Minorities and the ministry responsible for the economy, and was later adopted by the Government.

The objective of the programme is to boost the economic potential of the region where members of the Italian national community live, which includes encouraging the development of already existing and newly established companies and enhancing the region’s economic attractiveness. The foregoing will contribute to the generation of new jobs and reduce the unemployment rate. The programme also aims to attain economic efficiency in the market by creating a network of producers, business people, associations, organisations and institutions in the Italian national community as the basis for the economic development of the entire community.

In addition to the defined objectives, the purpose of the programme implementation is also broader, i.e. to promote and enable entrepreneurial development within the entire network of subjects in the Italian national community (associations, organisations, institutions and companies) in order to generate a broader economic effect on the basis of the programme’s measures, such as the community’s recognisability in the field of entrepreneurship, increase in revenue and generation of jobs, including economic benefits in the long term.

The measures of the programme also include the promotion of new economic projects, tourist and cultural activities or products of the Italian national community, co-financing of projects by means of approved European funds, promotion of the region, and support in the implementation of the programme and projects.

Source: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology