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Schools start distance learning next week and some services resume

The press conference on the current COVID-19 situation was attended by the Minister of Education, Science and Sport, Simona Kustec, the Minister of the Interior, Aleš Hojs, the State Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Ajda Cuderman, and the Government's spokesperson, Jelko Kacin.

State Secretary Ajda Cuderman

State Secretary Ajda Cuderman | Author Nebojša Tejić, STA

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Based on the Government's decision to extend the measures and restrictions in schools, educational institutions will remain closed. Minister Kustec confirmed that all primary, secondary and music schools will start distance-learning classes next week. At the discretion of kindergartens and mayors, kindergartens will continue to be open only for emergency childcare for parents who are unable to make other daycare arrangements.

For the purpose of distance learning, the National Education Institute has created a special link under the tab National Education Institute support for distance learning, and published all guidelines and recommendations prepared thus far, in particular for younger and special needs pupils.

Minor changes to ordinances on restricted border crossing and restricted movement within the country

Minister Hojs presented the relevant changes or provided additional explanations regarding ordinances on restricted border crossing and restricted movement within the country.

The ordinance on the restriction of movement was amended in three points, namely: that a municipal boundary may be crossed by a child accompanied by a parent, that an individual may depart to and arrive from work, and that employers are not required to complete a statement on arrival to work every day but can issue a certificate for a longer period of time, i.e. a week or a month.

The ordinance on state border crossing also brings a change to the red list of countries, which now includes Serbia.

The Minister went on to explain how state border crossing works in practice, particularly as regards the  countries of the former Yugoslavia. He pointed out that anyone leaving the country is subject to the ordinance on the restriction of movement between municipalities and that, as a result, all such transit passengers were fined by the Police last week or, if they were returning, received a warning. The Minister said he expected citizens to understand that all neighbouring countries, as well as all Balkan countries, are on the red list and the authorities therefore recommend against traveling to such countries.

Some services to resume

On the proposal of Minister Počivalšek, the Government today agreed that certain additional services are to resume subject to very clearly defined requirements.  Ms Cuderman announced that tomorrow some services for which the risk of infection is very small due their nature may resume or re-open. The following services may resume or re-open:

  •  medical pedicure,
  • specialised children’s shops,
  • shops selling primarily technical goods,
  • specialised shops selling motor vehicles and motorcycles,
  • shops selling primarily furniture,
  • photo services, photocopying, watchmaker’s and goldsmith’s.

The Government also defined additional conditions under which the services may resume or re-open. In all closed spaces, one customer per 30 m2 is allowed or one customer per room if the room measures less than 30 m2.

In shopping centres it is also mandatory to provide separate entrances and exits for customers, hand disinfection dispensers at entry and exit points of premises, and regular airing or adequate ventilation of premises where services are provided.