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Sympathy and understanding for people requiring help are important

Psychologist Eva Kovač spoke at the press conference about distress during this time of epidemic.

Psychologist Eva Kovač

Psychologist Eva Kovač | Author Nebojša Tejić, STA

Psychologists hear and understand the distress currently experienced by people as many have been exposed to immediate risks to their own health and that of their loved ones during the epidemic. Doubt, anxiety and concern are felt that are linked to everyday work either at home or in the workplace.

People can easily succumb to negative thoughts. One must be careful not to be drawn into an emotional turmoil that triggers negative feelings, including that of helplessness. Their first reaction should be to calm their breathing and relax their body. People should look at their surroundings, listen to its sounds, and indulge in their emotions. Let thoughts roam freely. Slowly, a feeling of safety will be induced, and exaggerated negative emotions will subside.

At the end, Eva Kovač encouraged everyone to help and support each other. Sympathy and understanding are the main virtues of mutual relationships in such moments.