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State Secretary Bregant: "Perseverance will bring us success"

The press conference on the current situation regarding COVID-19 was attended by Dr Simona Kustec, Minister Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Dr Tina Bregant, State Secretary at the Ministry of Health, and the Government spokesperson Jelko Kacin.

Some 6,368 tests were conducted in Slovenia on Thursday and 1,798 were confirmed positive, which is 28.23 per cent. Some 703 patients are hospitalised, and 122 people are in intensive units, of whom 67 are breathing with the help of ventilators. According to the Government, 23 people died.

The members of protection, rescue and assistance forces are implementing logistical activities, i.e. transport containers serving as entry points for individual medical institutions and distributing other personal protective equipment and protective aids or medical equipment, Kacin described the situation. At the municipal and regional levels, civil protection members are monitoring the situation and implementing measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, carrying out tasks relating to the care of vulnerable groups, informing citizens, helping in institutions with infection hotspots, controlling implementation of the adopted measures and performing other tasks related to the epidemic. This week, the number of activated members of protection, rescue and assistance forces, representatives of public services and others at the state, regional and municipal levels amounted to 2,113 members on Monday, 1,698 on Tuesday, 1,614 on Wednesday and 1,953 on Thursday.

The headteachers of kindergartens and primary schools informed the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport that staff members in many kindergartens and schools were infected and they were finding it difficult to provide education, which is why the Government decided at the proposal of Minister Kustec to extend the autumn holidays for primary school pupils for a week.

The association of headteachers of secondary schools informed the Ministry that they did not wish the holidays to be extended since they were well prepared for remote learning and making up for the lost time would be too difficult for everyone.

Based on the received appeals, assessments and current epidemiological data, the Government decided that education and child care would take place next week in the following way:

  • kindergartens can provide urgent child care in a reduced scope on the basis of the local mayor’s decision for children whose parents are employed and cannot ensure care in another way,
  • autumn holidays for primary schools are extended for one week, i.e. until 8 November 2020, based on a special decision of the Minister. The same applies for music schools,
  • remote education takes place in secondary schools, lower vocational education, secondary vocational education, secondary professional education and grammar schools (gimnazije) based on the Minister’s decision,
  • higher vocational colleges and higher education institutions conduct the education process remotely according to their own guidelines.

There are no new measures in the field of health care, thus extending those already applicable, emphasised Bregant. The epidemiological situation is serious, but there are indications that measures have started to show some effect. She thanked the citizens since the majority of people are complying with the measures. However, the slowing down of the epidemic alone is not enough. It is necessary to observe the measures and comply with them long enough for the epidemic to cease. The State Secretary again thanked all those who stay home, wear masks, wash their hands, and are well-intentioned and persistent. Perseverance will bring us success.