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Health Inspectorate has performed more than 40 thousand controls since the outbreak of the epidemic

Deana Potza from the Health Inspectorate and government spokesman Jelko Kacin provided the latest information on the COVID-19 situation in Slovenia.

Deana Potza med novinarsko konferenco

Zdravstvena inšpektorica Deana Potza o nadzoru izvajanja zajezitvenih ukrepov | Author Bor Slana, STA

On Thursday, 3,682 tests were performed and 363 infections were confirmed. Four patients died of COVID-19. A total of 138 people are currently in hospital, of whom 22 are in intensive care units. The number of positive cases per 100,000 people in a 14-day period is 137. Most new cases were confirmed in Ljubljana, 74, followed by Kranj with 19 cases.

The adopted measures vary widely across European countries. Government spokesman Kacin mentioned that more and more countries are introducing the mandatory wearing of face masks outdoors. This is the case in Paris and, as of yesterday, also in Italy, and such a measure is also in force in Romania in the vicinity of educational institutions. Croatia has imposed restrictions on the opening hours of bars and restaurants, as is the case in Finland and Northern Macedonia, where private gatherings have been restricted to four people. Catering establishments in France and Belgium have been closed. Strict coronavirus containment measures remain in place in the Czech Republic and Slovakia until the end of this month.

According to health inspector Deana Potza, the Health Inspectorate has carried out a total of 47,100 inspections since the outbreak of the epidemic, of which 40,600 in the area of infectious diseases and 6,500 in other areas. More than 4,900 fines totalling EUR 1.1 million have been imposed, of which over 4,500 totalling EUR 830,000 for offences in the area of infectious diseases.

Approximately 25,000 inspections of compliance with the quarantine decisions served were carried out, with offenders fined a total of EUR 102,000.

6,900 inspections of economic activities were carried out at premises and events, of which 3,900 in catering establishments, 1,700 in shops and 370 at events. 930 inspections were carried out at hairdressing and beauty parlours, swimming pools, and other public facilities such as museums, post offices and banks. So far, 86 minor offence fines have been imposed in a total amount of EUR 88,400.

117 individuals were fined a total amount of approximately EUR 43,000 for not wearing face masks in closed public spaces.

Today, health inspectors, in cooperation with police officers, will also monitor compliance with restrictions on the gathering of more than ten people, the use protective face masks in open public spaces and the observance of other recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health at the pre-announced protest rally.