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The Government on a working visit to the Koroška region

Today, the Government started visiting Slovenian regions to learn first-hand about the problems and challenges encountered by these regions and so draft suitable measures and solutions. The Government first visited the Koroška region.

The ministers initially met at a working consultation in Šentjanž pri Dravogradu, where they learned about the economic and general situation in the region, including the epidemiological picture relating to the coronavirus.

The key challenges for Koroška involve the generation of attractive jobs for young people and the development of high-quality products and new tourist accommodation facilities as Koroška has great potential. A lot of attention will be paid in the future to entrepreneurial initiatives and motivating strategic investors.

The ministers spoke about the situation in the field of institutional care, regional scholarship scheme, environmental protection, infrastructure, agriculture, culture, internal affairs, judiciary and administrative services, and they also focused on the financial situation in the municipalities. In the context of the difficult COVID-19 situation, the ministers also discussed the operations of the civil protection forces in the relevant region.

The Prime Minister visits the family company, Gašper trženje, d. o. o.

After the working consultation, the Prime Minister first visited the family company, Gašper trženje, d. o. o. The business concerns of this company include wood processing, the manufacture of semi-finished wood products and the manufacture of high-quality doors and windows made from various materials. The Gašper company generates 50 per cent of its turnover abroad, mostly in the German-speaking market and in the markets of the former Yugoslavia. Two years ago, they invested a lot of effort and their own funds in modernising the wood processing technology. The Gašper family company obtained all the required certificates and is a member of the Slovenian Wood Industry Cluster, the international Wood Industry Cluster and the proHolz initiative. The owners of the company are Jurij and Uroš Gašper.

At a meeting with the company’s management, the discussion partners agreed that the only realistic means for attaining prosperity is economic growth. The representatives of the company highlighted the importance of digitalisation and lean production. In connection with various public calls and the drawing of funds for companies, the Prime Minister emphasised that the Government was intensively working on debureaucratisation, which will contribute to greater efficiency in this field.

The company’s management commended the Government’s prompt response at the time of the first wave of coronavirus and for the help given to the business sector during that period.

The Prime Minister meets the representatives of the company, TROIA, d. o. o., and the Faculty of Polymer Technology

Continuing the visit, Prime Minister Janez Janša met the representatives of the company, TROIA, d. o. o., and the Faculty of Polymer Technology, where he also viewed the laboratory. TROIA, d. o. o., was established in 2010 and has become one of the largest IT companies in Koroška in its ten years of operation and one of the fastest growing companies in Slovenia. At the time of its founding, the vision was to become a leading provider of solutions for maintaining and managing assets in Slovenia and internationally with a strong development centre in Koroška. In recent years, the company has sponsored over ten secondary school and university students with their scholarships, and financially supported local events and athletes. As noted by its management, the company has been present in more than ten European countries and received five international awards for its work and innovative solutions. The discussions with the company, which were also attended by Simona Kustec, the Minister of Education, Science and Sport, focused on innovations, development and digitalisation. The discussion partners agreed that digitalisation presents a great window of opportunity and the Prime Minister emphasised that many calls and significant European funds would be available for digitalisation in the future.

Since its establishment, the Faculty of Polymer Technology has developed into a high-quality and renowned university and research institution. It evolved from a higher education institution into a faculty, built up a top-class research infrastructure and developed new services for companies in the field of research and training. The Faculty of Polymer Technology is the only one in Slovenia to provide comprehensive studies in the field of polymer technologies and materials. At the moment, there are 128 students at the faculty whose development and research activity is aided by the state-of-the-art research equipment and experts distinguished by their world-class knowledge of materials and technologies and their vast range of experience in the business sector. The faculty focuses on developing and processing biopolymers, (bio)composites, functional polymers and 3D printing materials, improving the properties of recycled materials and characterisation, material testing and failure analysis. The research takes place in three laboratories equipped with high-tech lab equipment.

Prime Minister Janez Janša and Simona Kustec, the Minister of Education, Science and Sport, viewed the laboratory during the visit and learned about the various processes involved in polymer technology. The discussion partners spoke about the connection between the business sector and the relevant faculty, which is exceptionally good.

The Prime Minister then made a short stop at Javornik Castle, where KO–RA, the Koroška centre of community services Ravne na Koroškem, is to be built in the immediate vicinity of the castle. The project is planned as a modern multi-purpose facility for daycare and temporary accommodation of the elderly. The capacities anticipate 14 persons in daycare and 18 persons in temporary accommodation. Funds are earmarked for the construction of a ground floor pavilion on the northern side of Javornik Castle and the renovation of the castle for the needs of implementing daycare and temporary accommodation. In addition to the above activities, programmes enabling the gathering and socialising of the elderly will also be carried out in the centre.

The Prime Minister visits the company, TRO d. o. o.

 Prime Minister Janez Janša also visited the company, TRO, which produces cutting tools and industrial knives. The company is this year’s recipient of the award for outstanding business and entrepreneurial achievements of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for 2019. Sebastijan Suhovršnik, who has been managing the company since 2013, has introduced a participatory approach to management. TRO is one of the largest European producers of industrial knives and finger jointing cutters. The company is globally recognised by the producers of recycling machines and machines for processing various raw materials. It exports to 55 countries and almost half of the products are sold in the Austrian, German and US markets.

The Government’s working visit to Koroška ended with a working consultation of the entire ministerial team with the mayors and development leaders of the Koroška region.