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Coronavirus Global Response: Pledging event and Slovenia's contribution

Foreign Minister Dr Anže Logar participated at today's virtual pledging event hosted by the European Commission as part of a unified global response to the Covid-19 outbreak. On behalf of Slovenia, Minister Logar pledged EUR 13,760,000 for finding a cure and vaccine, and improving diagnostics to combat the disease.

Slovenia's contribution includes EUR 13.5 million for financing the planned Covid-19-related research projects in Slovenia, and EUR 60,000 already allocated to the WHO in response to the pandemic. Another EUR 200,000 from the budgetary reserve will be channelled via the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport to research institutions and other Slovenian operators eligible for financing from the Coronavirus Global Response Initiative.

The Coronavirus Global Response is a joint initiative by the European Union and its partners aimed at rallying sufficient funds with the goal of developing a vaccine and funding diagnostics and treatment of Covid-19 with universal access.

The SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) pandemic being one of the most extensive threats to public health thus far, Slovenia encourages efforts at the EU and global levels aimed at rapidly developing new vaccines, diagnostics, antimicrobial and other medications, and securing a safe and effective treatment of Covid-19 patients. Accelerated development, a timely production on a large-enough scale, and an equitable and fair distribution are of essence also to limit and reduce the social and economic fallout due to the urgent public health measures. Slovenian scientists and researchers play a prominent role in these efforts.

Slovenia pledges close to EUR 14m for coronavirus vaccine

Slovenia pledges close to EUR 14m for coronavirus vaccine | Author Hina/STA