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The Republic of Slovenia’s crisis unit on concrete measures to contain the epidemic

The crisis unit of the Republic of Slovenia to contain and manage the COVID-19 epidemic that was appointed yesterday met at its first session chaired by Prime Minister Janez Janša. The unit discussed the situation in the international environment, particularly in immediate neighbouring countries, and current developments in Slovenia. The members of the unit held a thorough discussion and agreed to implement several concrete measures to contain the epidemic. Furthermore, Jelko Kacin was appointed the official speaker of the crisis unit.

The unit agreed on a comprehensive approach when developing measures and advance mutual coordination. It was determined that a meeting with directors of all hospitals and community health centres will be organised tomorrow, and a meeting with directors of retirement homes will be convened on Monday since the elderly are at greatest risk. It is crucial to organise in a manner that will enable the staff in these institutions to cope with the challenges that may be ahead and to find additional workers with sufficient qualifications to provide assistance.

Measures relating to public passenger transport were defined in order to contain the spread of the virus, including the operations of catering establishments that will be defined in more detail tomorrow. A selection of measures to help the economy due to the effects of the coronavirus is also being drafted with the aim to preserve jobs and liquidity of companies.