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National Security Council Secretariat meeting about the situation and activities concerning coronavirus

At its meeting today, the National Security Council (NSC) Secretariat took note of the current situation and activities concerning the coronavirus, which are managed by the Ministry of Health as the competent state authority according to the Infectious Diseases Act.
National Security Council Secretariat meeting

National Security Council Secretariat meeting | Author Daniel Novakovič, STA

The basic task of the NSC Secretariat, in which all competent national security departments are represented, is the operational coordination of activities for the National Security Council as the Government’s advisory body.


The NSC Secretariat meeting was also attended by the Prime Minister, who gave the representatives of the competent ministries clear instructions that all stakeholders of the national security system are to support the activities of the Ministry of Health within the scope of their capabilities and competencies. The Ministry of Health keeps the Government and the Slovenian public informed about all activities.

 The coordination team for the control of infectious diseases in healthcare has been transformed into the governmental working group at the level of state secretaries/ministries headed by the state secretary/minister from the Ministry of Health.

 The NSC Secretariat adopted the conclusion that it is reasonable to harmonise all decisions concerning measures taken at the border with Italy with other countries bordering Italy.

 The departments reported on their activities and capacities; they will report on any further requirements, including financial requirements, to the government.

 The Ministry of Health notes that the possibility of the occurrence of the virus in Slovenia is high, given the outbreaks of infection in Italy and other countries in the world. Although the situation is very dynamic, it is under control. Slovenia is prepared to take the appropriate measures to prevent infection with the coronavirus and to limit the spread of the virus.