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Public archival network

Public archival service is provided by the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia and regional archives.

Slovenian archives collect, preserve, arrange, describe and facilitate access to the Slovenian archival heritage. The Ministry of Culture provides them with the necessary funds to carry out their activities, as well as ensures the facilities and technical conditions needed for their work. Special attention is paid to the development of the archival profession and the training of its employees.

By means of funding of the public archival network, we pursue the following objectives:

  • To ensure a higher level of protection and accessibility of public archival records.
  • To establish an environment and services for the protection and storage of electronic archival records.

Inter-archival working groups

In order to deal with professional issues in individual fields of archive-related work, the Ministry of Culture appoints so-called inter-archival working groups for individual fields of archival activities. They consist of experts (archivists) active in the Slovenian public archival service. The work of such inter-archival working groups is regulated by the Rules on the Work of Inter-Archival Working Groups and covers the following areas:

  • Administration,
  • Justice,
  • Health and social care,
  • Culture and science,
  • Education,
  • Economy,
  • Archival terminology.

Archival legislation