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The recognition of education for continuing education is a procedure in which a decision is made, on the basis of education attained abroad, on an individual's right to apply and to be considered for admission for the purpose of continuing their education at education institutions in the Republic of Slovenia.

An application for higher education study programmes must be submitted as an online enrolment application completed through eVŠ, which also contains the application for the recognition of education.


Title Institution
Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation


On the basis of the Assessment and Recognition of Education Act, recognition of education for continuing education is within the competence of education institutions with the exception of basic schools.

The tasks of an education institution related to the recognition of education for continuing education are:

  • authorisation of a person to administer recognition of education,
  • notification of the ENlC-NARIC Centre of the appointment of an authorised person,
  • conducting administrative procedures of recognition of education,
  • keeping records of first- and second-degree decisions issued.

The ENIC-NARIC centre can assist education institutions in the recognition of some foreign school systems and their education certificates.

European Recognition Manual for Higher Education Institutions

In the process of the recognition of education in accordance with the Lisbon Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region, qualifications’ assessors and enrolment staff at higher education institutions are assisted by the European Manual.

It is primarily aimed at recognising education for the purpose of further education at higher education institutions. The manual guides the enrolment staff and qualification assessors through all recognition processes at the institutional level, supplementing each stage of the process with examples and recommendations.

The ENIC-NARIC Centre of Slovenia has prepared an unofficial translation of the manual into Slovenian.


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