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Payment services for the direct and indirect users of the state and municipal budgets, the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia and the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia are managed by the Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (hereinafter: PPA). It provides budget users with modern payment service channels carried out indirectly through the Bank of Slovenia.

Types of payment

A credit transfer is a payment initiated by a sub-account holder where it is debited from their sub-account and credited to the recipient’s account and subsequently submitted the PPA.

You can submit a payment order for credit transfer to the PPA as:

  • a UPN form or electronic payment order for domestic or cross-border payments and
  • a TPNO 70 form or electronic international payment order for cross-border, foreign currency or other payments.

A SEPA credit transfer is a payment made in the national currency (EUR) between a recipient and a sender, both of whom have an account open in the SEPA area.

A debit payment is a payment where the payment recipient initiates a payment transaction debiting the sender’s account on the basis of the sender’s consent. In Slovenia, debit payments are made through SEPA direct debit (hereinafter: SDD). An SDD is a payment in the national currency (EUR) between a recipient and a sender, both of whom have an account open in the SEPA area. After concluding a SDD contract with the PPA, budget users can submit an electronic payment order for an SDD.

Submission of payment orders

Budget users can submit paper payment orders using UPN and TPNO 70 forms and an inflow payment order using a TPNP 60 form to the PPA in person or by post to the address of the competent Regional PPA Unit.

Electronic payment orders can be made in:

  • xml format using the standard for a payment order,
  • txt or xml format using the standard for an international payment order,
  • xml format using the SDD payment order standard.

All listed electronic format orders can be submitted to the PPA via the UJPnet online application or the UJPnet B2B interface. The UJPnet online application also allows you to enter payment orders via online forms for UPNs, European Payment Orders, international payment orders and SDD orders.

The mUJPnet mobile app enables you to enter a payment order via QR code and confirm all payment orders.

Mobile payment services

The mUJPnet mobile application enables you to capture and confirm all payment orders using a QR code. In addition to UJPnet, the  UJPnet Business Analytics mobile app allows you to monitor UJPnet business analytics.

Cash withdrawal and deposit

Budget users have the option of withdrawing and depositing cash in sub-accounts only indirectly through the Bank of Slovenia or through a special account with zero balance (cash account) opened with the bank.

Issuing of a universal payment order

You can include a sub-account in the issuing of a universal payment order (UPN) with a QR code. The QR code is a technical record of all payment order data in a form suitable for optical data capture at payment points and mobile banks, which significantly facilitates payment to the payer.

UJP online payment system

The UJP online payment system enables non-cash payment for e-services in administrative, judicial and other official proceedings or other services, goods and products, provided by budget users to natural and legal persons through web portals.

Sub-account balance and turnover

The balances in the sub-accounts of budget users within the treasury single account of the state or municipality are managed by the PPA. Sub-account holders can regularly download a balance and turnover statement for the sub‑account via the UJPnet online application.

The UJPnet online application and the mUJPnet mobile app also provide sub‑account holders with online access to the daily turnover in the sub-account and online access to the turnover in the last 24 months.