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Slovenia maintains and strengthens economic and political relations with countries all over the world. It fosters ties with Slovenian communities around the world, which are a valuable connection enhancing Slovenia's relations with other countries. Slovenia supports the development of expat communities, including the emerging ones, while also focusing on repatriation. It actively engages in the preservation of the Slovenian expat heritage and protects citizens.

In addition to bilateral political cooperation, Slovenia's foreign policy objectives and its responsibility in the world are pursued as part of the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy. A strong Common Foreign and Security Policy, which is actively co-shaped by Slovenia, and an efficient European External Action Service are essential to keeping the country abreast of global developments and to strengthening its presence and involvement in them.

Cooperation with Asia

Slovenia's major partners in Asia include India, Japan, and China. Cooperation with Asian countries is also pursued within Asian-European forums (Asia-Europe Meeting, EU-Association of Southeast Asian Nations and Asia-Europe Foundation) and international organisations.

Slovenia seeks to strengthen its political and economic ties with some of the major economies in Asia, particularly Southeast Asia. Cooperation is focused on science, development, and innovation. Slovenia also devotes a great deal of attention to Central Asia as a promising market with growing geopolitical influence.

Strengthening Slovenia's presence in the Gulf and Oceania

Slovenia is striving to enhance its political and economic presence in the Gulf region and, within its capabilities, contributes to long-term stability in the Middle East and North Africa.

As to Oceania, Slovenia's particular focus lies on Australia and New Zealand, which have large Slovenian communities. Cooperation with both countries is also pursued within international organisations.

Presence in Africa

Slovenia is actively striving to enhance cooperation with the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa at all levels, either directly or through the European Union. Strategic guidelines are provided by the medium-term plan for the 2017–2021 period, Slovenia and Sub-Saharan Africa – the Way Forward: With Whom and How. The plan lists the priority countries in the region (South Africa, Cabo Verde, Nigeria, and Ethiopia). The main objectives of Slovenian diplomacy in Sub-Saharan Africa include enhanced political dialogue, multilateral cooperation, close economic relations, exploring new markets, and close cooperation on development and science.

The African community in Slovenia participates in the efforts to strengthen the relations with the African continent. The annual Africa Day international conference has become a prominent public diplomacy event. In addition, Slovenia actively cooperates with African countries within multilateral forums, particularly on peace and security, water supply, demining, and human rights, especially the rights of women, children, and other vulnerable groups.

Links with Latin America

Slovenia finds Latin America highly interesting due to the region's cultural connection with Europe, its growing political relevance on a global scale (notably Brazil), economic prospects and large Slovenian communities in some of its countries, with the largest one in Argentina. Slovenian expats can also serve as a valuable link in efforts to intensify economic cooperation. The Latin American and Caribbean Days annual conference contributes significantly to promoting political and economic relations with the region.