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Ministries, bodies affiliated to ministries, government services and administrative units may perform certain specific procurements jointly if such joint procurement increases the economy and efficiency of the use of budgetary funds and does not reduce market competition. Public institutes established by the Republic of Slovenia may also engage in joint procurement, particularly in the fields in which these public institutes carry out their activities.

The Ministry of Public Administration is the central purchasing body for joint public procurement in the Republic of Slovenia.

The advantages of joint public procurement are:

  • savings of budgetary funds, which can be direct (lower prices) or indirect (reduced administrative costs),
  • fewer difficulties and complications in the performance of procurement, which is directed by an experienced team,
  • higher transparency and efficiency, and
  • the standardisation of the equipment and services of the public administration.

Categories of joint public procurement

The categories of joint public procurement are related to the common needs of some or all liable parties. They are in particular:

  • the purchase, configuration and installation of computer hardware,
  • the purchase and maintenance of photocopying machines,
  • the purchase and maintenance of licensed computer software based on various technologies,
  • computer hardware maintenance,
  • IT support services for users,
  • mobile telephone services and the purchase of mobile devices, data transfer services in the mobile operator's network and the purchase of data transfer software,
  • landline telephone services,
  • postal services,
  • property insurance,
  • the purchase of motor vehicles, except for special purpose vehicles and made-to-order vehicles,
  • the purchase of energy products,
  • the purchase of printing paper,
  • the purchase of office supplies and consumables,
  • photographic services,
  • charter flights for business purposes,
  • the purchase of airline tickets, and
  • the purchase of medicines, medical devices and equipment.