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In the framework of green public procurement, a contracting authority acquires goods, services and works that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle compared to ordinary goods, services and works and conserve natural resources, materials and energy, and have the same or better functionality under the Public Procurement Act.

Categories of green public procurement

Green public procurement is mandatory for 20 categories of public contracts:

  1. electricity,
  2. food and catering services,
  3. textile products,
  4. office paper and hygienic paper products,
  5. electronic office equipment,
  6. televisions,
  7. refrigerators, freezers and their combinations, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, vacuum cleaners, and air-conditioners,
  8. furniture,
  9. water heaters, space heaters and their combinations, and hot water storage,
  10. sanitary fittings,
  11. toiletry equipment and urinal equipment,
  12. wall panels,
  13. design or construction of buildings,
  14. design or construction of roads,
  15. road vehicles,
  16. tyres,
  17. electric bulbs and lamps, and indoor lighting systems,
  18. road lighting and traffic signalization,
  19. cleaning products, cleaning and laundry services, and
  20. gardening services, agricultural and other products, and gardening equipment and machinery.

Environmental requirements and criteria

The Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning and the Ministry of Public Administration, in participation with line ministries, drew up examples of environmental requirements and criteria that a contracting authority may include in the public procurement procedure in order to attain the goals laid down by the Decree for each category of the public contract. The examples of environmental requirements and criteria are updated at least every two years according to the technological development, market situation, and the legislation and guidelines of the European Union and the Republic of Slovenia.