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Industry is an important part of Slovenia's economy, as Slovenia is one of the most industrialised countries in the European Union. Industry generates 24% of Slovenia's gross domestic product (GDP).

Classification of Industrial Companies

Industrial companies include enterprises in the following activities: manufacturing (C), electricity, gas and steam supply (D), water supply, sewage and waste management (E) and mining and quarrying (B).

Industry in Slovenia

According to the latest available data from Eurostat for 2020, there were 21,978 companies active in industry in Slovenia. As many as 92% of industrial companies (20,117 companies) were registered in manufacturing activities, employing 214,694 persons.

Slovenian industry generated €30.3 billion in sales revenues in 2020 totalling 26.7% of the total economy. 

According to Eurostat, manufacturing companies with sales in foreign markets generated almost 75% of net sales in Q4 of 2021.

Slovenian Industrial Strategy 2021–2030

Strategic document of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenian Industrial Strategy 2021–2030, sets out the vision and objectives for the development of industry and the economy for the period up to 2030.

The vision of the strategy is: Slovenian industry is green, creative and smart. The main target for 2030: raising labour productivity, measured in value added per employee, to €66k.

The Slovenian Industrial Strategy will ensure the competitiveness of the economy by promoting all three components of sustainable development (society, environment, economy) in a balanced way and will create the conditions for restructuring industry into an industry of knowledge and innovation for new and better quality jobs and the transition to a green, creative and smart economy.

The Strategy identifies the areas of government incentives and the estimated value of these incentives for the whole period, which are aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the business environment, strengthening entrepreneurship and the innovation capacity of the economy, responding effectively to societal challenges, and activities for the green, creative and digital development of Slovenian industry.

The strategy is implemented by the Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport through various measures:

  • Slovenian Industrial Strategy 2021–2030

    The Industrial Strategy sets the guidelines for the economy’s transition to a green, creative and smart economy and thus to an increase in competitiveness. During the preparation of this strategy, the world has been facing the coronavirus pandemic, thus making the challenge even greater than ever before. Therefore, the biggest challenge of this moment is most certainly an economic, social and general recovery of countries.
    Strategies and programmes