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Nuclear and radiological disasters are emergency situations that pose a direct threat to the population and the environment and require protective measures. In general, not every emergency situation entails the occurrence of a disaster. It might only entail a decrease in nuclear or radiation safety, which also requires an adequate response from the authorities.

Provision of data in a radiological and nuclear emergency situation

In a radiological or nuclear emergency situation, the national Early Warning System for radiation in the environment enables samples to be taken and analysed immediately to determine the level of radioactive contamination. The system ensures frequent sampling and sample measurements as all the necessary equipment is already installed in the field (air pumps, precipitation gauges, milk collectors), and the measuring sites have also been established. Authorised performers of radioactivity monitoring have additional laboratory testing capacities for more intensive monitoring of the radioactivity. In the case of a radioactive release because of an emergency event in a facility, the surrounding areas of the facility are monitored for radioactive contamination. This task is carried out by mobile units, e.g. the Jožef Stefan Institute or the Institute of Occupational Safety that can measure the radiation levels and contamination in the field and also report the results from the field.

Nuclear or radiological emergency in Slovenia

In the event of nuclear or radiological emergency, the authorised performers of radioactivity monitoring immediately increase the number of analysed contaminated samples and measurements taken under the national Early Warning Network and the operational monitoring of the surrounding areas of the facility. The Nuclear Safety Administration is provided with the real time data.

Nuclear or radiological emergency abroad

The response of the Early Warning Network is monitored (external radiation, airborne radioactivity), especially regarding the spread of the cloud shine. In the case of a large-scale emergency, the samplings and measurements under the national Early Warning Network are performed more frequently. The Nuclear Safety Administration is provided with the data on a daily basis.