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Company law in the Republic of Slovenia regulates the rules for the establishment and operation of commercial companies, sole proprietors, related parties, economic interest groupings, subsidiaries of foreign companies and transformation of their legal form.

Company law

The field of commercial law is a broad field, which includes the Business Register of Slovenia, procedures related to takeover of public limited companies in the securities market, regulates the participation of employees in the profits of a company and participation in the ownership of a company, regulates the status of chambers of commerce, the procedure for the establishment, operation, transformation and dissolution of chambers of commerce and industry and the transformation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, regulates the remuneration of directors in companies in which the Republic of Slovenia or self-governing local communities directly or indirectly hold the majority share, regulates trade secrets and the rules for determining and protecting trade secrets against their unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure, regulates craft activity, conditions for pursuing craft activity, cottage industry and applied art, organisation of the chamber of craft system and basis of training of personnel for the needs of the pursuit of activities.

Slovenian Business Register

Slovenian Business Register is a computerised database containing information about all business entities located on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, as well as information on their subsidiaries and subsidiaries of foreign companies determined by the act governing companies, and other parts of business entities. The Business Register is the primary register for those business entities for which the law stipulates that they are entered only in the Business Register, and for business entities that are established directly by regulation or on the basis of a regulation and are not entered in any other register. For all other business entities, such as societies, institutions, political parties and natural persons engaging in registered activities, the Business Register serves as a secondary register: these business entities are, namely, first registered in the respective primary register or official records with another registration authority, and only then registered in the Business Register by the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services. Registration courts decide on the entry of companies and other entities which are subject to registration in the Court Register by law.