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The Wood Industry Directorate carries out activities aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the wood industry, providing an appropriate and stable business environment, establishing and strengthening forestry–wood chains, increasing the consumption and processing of wood into products with the highest possible added value, and promoting the use of wood and wood products.

Through public calls for tenders, it grants financial incentives for the development and introduction of new and semi-finished products, the modernisation and introduction of new technological and production processes, and the start-up of new companies in the wood industry. It carries out projects for supporting and promoting specialised training of staff. It co-finances joint and individual appearances of Slovenian companies at fairs abroad and carries out activities for promoting the use of wood and wood products. It also actively participates in drafting, amending and implementing regulations, strategies and other documents concerning the wood industry.


Policies and Topics

  • The importance of wood

    Wood is a strategic raw material and, along with water, our only naturally renewable resource. Slovenia has an abundance of it, with sufficient quantity and quality of raw materials for the domestic wood processing industry.

  • From log to product

    The manufacture of wood products is an important activity in terms of development, job creation and economic strengthening. The wood chain is divided into areas in which logs are processed into products. The activities carried out during each stage of manufacture require certain know-how and consideration of wood’s characteristics.

  • Basic standards in the wood industry

    The success of the wood supply chain depends on the adaptation of each organisation to customer demands and future living trends of living. The production and supply of quality products and services requires knowledge, adherence to standards and certifications. Product safety throughout its lifetime is also of vital importance for users.

  • Trends in the wood industry and State co-funded operations

    Adapting to new trends and customers is a must in the wood supply chain. We need to identify what the general public needs and what we can offer them. We encourage creative work and help with the integration of a new product by co-funding the purchase of new machinery and equipment.