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The Office coordinates space technology issues within the framework of Slovenia’s membership of the European Union and cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA), within the Ministry and with other stakeholders in Slovenia. It is in charge of the inter-ministerial Working group on space and, based on the ESA’s programmes, provides businesses and R&D institutions with information and support.

It drafts laws and other legal bases, policies, programmes and measures promoting space technologies associated with Slovenia’s EU memberships and collaboration with ESA. Moreover, the Office prepares and participates in implementing of the programmes of the Slovenian government, relevant ministries and the public institute Herman Potočnik Noordung Center of Space Technologies, and participates in the work of the ESA working bodies where it presents Slovenia’s positions. These bodies include the Council, the Administrative and Finance Committee, the Industrial Policy Committee, the Programme Board for Earth Observation, the International Relations Committee, the Programme Board for Human and Robotic Exploration, Joint Board on Communication Satellite Programmes (JCB) and Scientific Experiment Development Program (French PROgramme de Développement d'Expériences scientifiques – PRODEX).

Do business with Slovenian companies in the space sector

  • Catalogue of Slovenian space industry

    Presentation of Slovenian companies and research institutions.

Policies and Topics

  • Cooperation with the European Space Agency

    Slovenia is an associate member of the European Space Agency (ESA). This provides Slovenian companies and research and development institutions with the opportunity to participate in ESA projects in the field of space technologies. Participation is open to companies and institutions working on innovative materials, technologies, processes or IT solutions. Small and medium-sized enterprises also have the opportunity to cooperate with ESA, as confirmed by successful projects by companies from Slovenia.