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At the Public Relations Office, we strategically plan and carry out the ministry’s communication activities with the aim on the one hand of transparent operation of the ministry and on the other of keeping the economic, tourism and sport sectors as well informed as possible about the activities and opportunities of financial and other forms of assistance for various entities.

Our tasks include managing media relations (press releases, answers to journalists' inquiries, press conferences), the Ministry's digital channels and providing communication support to both the ministry's management and directorates. We also independently produce communication materials for print and digital media, organize various events and carry out internal communication with employees.

For media inquiries or questions from journalists you can contact us:

  • at the central e-mail address of the Office: or
  • by phone of public relations representatives.

We will endeavor to provide answers as soon as possible, depending on the complexity of the required information and the availability of professional services.

Public relations representatives