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At the Trade Policy Division, we actively participate in decision-making in the field of the EU’s common trade policy within the working bodies of the Council of the EU and the European Commission. We are the link between the business sector and European Union institutions.

We strive to create conditions for open and fair trade and to ensure sustainable development. By using the measures of the common trade policy, Slovenian companies can also benefit from trade benefits both in importing and exporting and in the search for new opportunities in markets outside the EU.   

At the division, we also carry out tasks related to the control of strategic trade and the issuing of licences for the export of dual-use goods.

Policies and Topics

  • Strategic Trade Control

    Strategic trade control is ensured due to security risks, and means the control of individual trade activities such as exports, transfers, brokering, provision of technical assistance and the like.

  • Trade Policy

    The European Union manages its trade and investment relations with non-EU countries through its trade and investment policy.