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The European Affairs and International Cooperation Service coordinates bilateral, multilateral and European affairs with particular emphasis on the preparation of international meetings at the level of ministers and state secretaries.

It is responsible for the preparation and implementation of visits of foreign representatives and delegations at the level of Slovenian ministers and state secretaries to Slovenia. It coordinates and prepares documents for the Minister and State Secretaries attending international meetings, EU Council meetings and other EU meetings at the ministerial level and directs all forms of bilateral and multilateral meetings at the ministerial level.

This includes all activities within the European Union, the World Tourism Organisation, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the World Trade Organisation, the Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalisation, Foreign Investments and Technology, the Public Agency for Marketing and Promotion of Tourism, the Slovene Enterprise Fund, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, and Slovenian and foreign diplomatic missions and consular posts.