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The Public Sector Directorate performs tasks relating to the systemic regulation, organisation and operation of the public sector, with an emphasis on the organisation and functioning of the state administration, the public employee system, the public sector wage system, the systemic regulation of the general administrative procedure, administrative fees, and inspection. It also performs tasks relating to the organisation and holding of professional examinations and the provision of training for public employees to increase the efficiency of the state administration. It is responsible for the central personnel records and provides professional and administrative assistance to the appellate employment commission of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, the Council of Officials and the Inspection Council.


  • Public employee system

    The Slovenian public employee system falls under the scope of labour law regulating the particularities of employment relationships where the employer is the state, the local community or other entity under public law. The particularities of employment relationships in the public employee system arise from the nature of work performed by public employees and are governed by the Public Employees Act, adopted in 2002.

  • Salary system

    The public sector salary system applies to the entire public sector, which is made up of budget users (state bodies and self-governing local authorities, public agencies, public funds, public institutes, public commercial institutes and other entities under public law that are indirect users of the state budget or local authority budgets).

Organisational units of the Directorate