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Division for the Administrative Burden Reduction, Better Regulation and Quality in Public Administration

Division for the Administrative Burden Reduction, Better Regulation and Quality in Public Administration seeks to improve regulations that are essential to creating a high-quality regulatory environment. Recognising the importance of introducing innovative approaches in state administration bodies, it promotes creativity, agile approaches, the involvement of stakeholders, the co-development of services and the testing of services with stakeholders, and regularly monitors user experiences. In all aforementioned areas, it ensures that public employees are suitably qualified for their tasks.

The Division has made it its mission to simplify life for citizens and business operations and thus contribute to the reduction of costs and administrative burdens. Its employees are well aware that only the least burdensome legislation can improve the competitiveness of the economy, open the market, improve the standard of citizens and increase transparency. To this end, a range of activities has been undertaken to prevent and eliminate administrative barriers and to improve the quality of regulations. In that regard, it cooperates with citizens, businesses and other state authorities.

The Division is the administrator of the STOP the Bureaucracy web portal, through which it receives initiatives for the removal of administrative barriers or the improvement of regulations. It examines the initiatives, checks their feasibility and coordinates activities for their realisation. It is also tasked with overseeing the implementation of the adopted initiatives which are then translated into actions with clearly defined objectives, deadlines and responsible institutions, and aggregated in the Single Database of Measures Aimed at Improving the Legislative and Business Environment (Single document).

In this regard, it is important to bear in mind that the efficiency and quality of public administration work are of utmost importance. These two are promoted through the project where the main objectives are the uptake of innovative approaches and innovative methods of work by employees in public administration.