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  • Victims of hate speech and hate crime must be empowered, supported and their rights effectively addressed. The internet and online platforms further increase the negative effects of hate speech, as content can instantly spread to a wide range of people. Minister Dikaučič: “What is forbidden in the real world should also be forbidden online.”

  • The meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council that took place today in Luxembourg was chaired by Minister Marjan Dikaučič. The ministers discussed the issue of pre-trial detention and the conditions in detention facilities.

  • As part of Slovenia's Presidency of the Council of the EU, a meeting of senior EU-US officials from the field of justice and home affairs took place today in Ljubljana. The meeting was chaired by Jože Senica, Assistant Director General of the Police and Chair of the Standing Committee on Operational Cooperation in the Field of Internal Security (COSI), and Dr Katja Rejec Longar, Director of the Office for International Cooperation and International Legal Assistance at the Ministry of Justice and Chair of the Coordinating Committee in the area of police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters (CATS), representing the field of justice. The meeting served as a preparation for the ministerial meeting to be held later during the Slovenia’s Presidency of the Council of the EU.