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Law addressing issues related to offence procedures in the COVID-19 period sent for coordination

The Ministry of Justice today sent for coordination the draft Act on the regulation of certain issues related to offences committed during the period of the COVID-19 measures.

The draft Act regulates issues relating to proceedings conducted for offences committed during the time period from 7 March 2020 to 30 May 2022 in violation of the measures to prevent the spread of the communicable disease COVID-19. The issues are the suspension of these proceedings, the suspension of the enforcement of sanctions, the suspension of enforcement proceedings, the payment of the amount of fines, costs and deprivation of property by way of payment of a monetary amount for these offences, the procedure for the exercise of rights under this Act, and the authorities which decide and participate in the decision-making process under this Act.

The proposed regulation is based on the Analysis of the legal bases used in the offence proceedings against individuals for violation of the measures against the viral disease COVID-19 and the Outlines for the elaboration of normative solutions adopted by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia at its meeting on 24 November 2022. The aim is to ensure that fines, costs of proceedings, enforcement proceedings and deprivation of property benefits are paid as automatically as possible and with the least possible burden on the beneficiaries.

The Ministry expects comments by 22 February 2023.