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The Finance Division performs tasks related to the preparation and drafting of a harmonised financial plan of the Ministry and its affiliated bodies, coordinates and prepares the annual accounts of the Ministry and its affiliated bodies, and implements the financial plan and accompanying documents of the Ministry and its affiliated bodies.

The Division supervises the use of the budgetary funds of the Ministry and its affiliated bodies, ensures and manages the financial operations of the Ministry and part of the financial operations of the Infrastructure Inspectorate, financially assess agreements concluded by the Ministry and the Inspectorate, and carries out financial procedures for the implementation of projects in its field of work.

The Division monitors the execution of investment projects, activities related to the annual listing of assets and liabilities, coordinates budgetary matters with the Ministry of Finance, and monitors the materials of the National Assembly, the Government, the ministries and the EU. Moreover, it draws up proposals, observations, positions and opinions regarding the materials in intersectoral and expert coordination in its field of work.

The Division creates, manages, maintains and links databases and records, and participates in the development and integration of methods of operation in its field of work. It designs systemic solutions in its field of work, participates in project teams or other forms of cooperation, prepares analyses and reports, produces and maintains the necessary operational manuals for the management, financing and supervision of EU co-funded projects.

The Division is responsible for the coordination of procedures for drawing European funds between management structures and end users of such assistance, monitoring the execution of EU co-funded projects, and the implementation and preparation of forecasts on the drawing of EU funds in accordance with the rules on drawing EU funds.

Furthermore, the Division manages the receipt of payments from the Community contribution of the European Commission within the scope of the centralised management of approved EU funds and keeps appropriate interest sub-accounts. It also performs the tasks of a control unit for drawing EU funds within the scope of administrative on-the-spot checks and prepares relevant records and reports.

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